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Development Process

Software Development Process, Web Testing Company – We are fully agile and currently integrated as part of several of our customer’s Scrum teams.

Here at itTrident, we use the Agile methodology for developing software. This is the most prevalent development methodology globally and helps us create better and faster software solutions.

This is how it works:

Our software development teams include expert developers, creative designers and testers. They all work together on the project from the very beginning. In this way, they are able to complete deliverables and send them to the client each week. The client is able to monitor the progress of the project and provides valuable feedback on every step.

Using our Agile Scrum methodology, we are able to create workable software demos very quickly. This gives the client a good idea of how the end product will look like. If the client has any new ideas or suggestions, our team incorporates these into the project in the next iteration. Such an iterative approach has many valuable advantages. These include quicker development of software, less costs and a perfectly customized solution as per the requirements of the client.

Benefits of our Agile Scrum development methodology:

  • Faster Production
  • Less errors
  • Less Costly
  • Iterative, so the client can see the output and progress along the way
  • Adaptive, so that the client can give new ideas and fresh suggestions to be incorporated in the development process