Inside Monkey Marketing!

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Before getting into this topic, there is a question to the readers. Have you ever heard about Guerrilla Marketing? What Guerrilla Marketing is all about? If you already know, it’s great! If you don’t know, then you have just become a victim for Guerrilla Marketing. Still Wondering? Let’s make it very simple. Guerrilla Marketing is an unusual or an eccentric way of marketing ideas or concepts just like this article is written.[…]

Bitcoin: The digital transaction network

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Bitcoin has become a familiar term for most of us today, also a popular notion which is changing the way of maintaining currency. It was first developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, called “Digital currency” and also widely known as “Cryptocurrency”. Where you can get this Bitcoin? How is it used? Before answering these questions let us know how exactly Bitcoin works.[…]

The rise of “Agile”

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Agile; as the word means “able to move quickly and easily”, serves its notion in the Software industry. When the whole industry was overloaded and under chaos with so many other “heavy-weight” methodologies (ex: waterfall model), Agile appeared to be a dawn for the many in the industry. But what was the idea behind the implementation of Agile?[…]