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Testing Process

We offer both manual and automated testing services. We further adopt our testing process to meet the specific requirements of each client. We use agile methodology and work closely with the scrum teams of our clients. This is very useful to our clients since we offer an independent quality testing role in these teams.

Studies have shown that outsourcing software quality testing role to a partner outside the development organization tends to yield better results. We partner with our clients to provide this unbiased analysis and critical view of any software, letting them improve it significantly.

Our testing teams are incredibly adoptive. They will respect your corporate processes and work closely with you. And they will test every interim deliverable throughout each stage of the development process. This is how our teams ensure that all requirements and specifications are fulfilled.

Typically, we recommend our clients to do end-to-end testing of a software. This should be done as early and as frequently as possible. In the long-run, this saves a large amount of overhead costs and makes it possible for the developer to launch the software sooner.